Wednesday, November 4

Lush Star Melt Review

So what do i do when im feeling blue?

I have a lush bath of course :) a week or so ago, i went shopping and popped in lush to get a face mask and check out the christmas goods. I ended up picking up star melt.

This is a bath melt. You just throw this star under a running tap and let it melt its lovelyness into your bath.

I had a problem with a bath melt before, melting marshmellow moments, it didnt seem to do much and i was a bit unsure when i was putting my star melt in so i started with just 2 points of the star.

The bathwater looked slightly pink and started to smell good, actually smelt really really good. But then i decided it wasn't good enough and threw the rest of the bar in. Im normally really frugal with bubble bars, but this was just so small, it hardly seemed worth saving half.

The water turns a lovely delicate, opaque pink, smells like it full of sweets and leaves your skin feeling amazingly moisturised. You can almost feel the moisturiser in the water, its melty and so, so yummy :)

Would i purchase this again? Probably. It's left my skin feeling very, very soft and the scent is pretty much irresistible.


Sunday, November 1

This week i have..

- Purchased new boots from ebay, but they aren't here yet.
- Avoided homework like the plague.
- Read way too many blogs, and found some new ones.
- Done my first sewing project, a tote bag.

What have you done this week?