Tuesday, December 29

Everything is going to be alright!

Nearly 2 months since i posted. Really? Time really does go past too quickly lately, which as much as I put down to simply getting older and growing up, i don't feel like i'm older, even though obviously am, and i really don't feel i have grown up much.

As it's the end of the year, people will start to look back on 2009. I have already done so, and have come to the conclusion.. it was rather rubbish. Nothing particularly bad happened, but i think that's why i'm not satisfied with what i have been doing because i have been doing almost nothing! Nothing has changed in a long time and I know a lot of people don't like change, but sometimes I think its good.

Let's take small changes, the other day i rearranged the furniture in my room, its made more space and i'm very happy with it, it was a good change. I was going to give an example of change in my life, something more significant but i really can't think of anything right now.

I never normally make really serious new years resolutions because i know i can never keep them, but i have been reading on blogs (in particular galadaring) and i am for once looking forward to the future and planning what I want to do. At the moment, as i may have mentioned before, i am in college doing my A levels and i hate it, but in about 6 months time it will be over and i will be wondering what i got so stressed about. ;]

So what am i going to do after college? I'm definitely not going to university, that's for sure. I don't think uni is for me, simple as. I'm sure some people think i am crazy, and i have felt that my tutors at college are really pushing me to go, but why? Its not the only option.

So change is going to happen in 2010 whether i like it or not, and in the past i always got scared and worried and panicked about what i am going to do next, but this time i am actually excited about it!

How do you feel about change?

Wednesday, November 4

Lush Star Melt Review

So what do i do when im feeling blue?

I have a lush bath of course :) a week or so ago, i went shopping and popped in lush to get a face mask and check out the christmas goods. I ended up picking up star melt.

This is a bath melt. You just throw this star under a running tap and let it melt its lovelyness into your bath.

I had a problem with a bath melt before, melting marshmellow moments, it didnt seem to do much and i was a bit unsure when i was putting my star melt in so i started with just 2 points of the star.

The bathwater looked slightly pink and started to smell good, actually smelt really really good. But then i decided it wasn't good enough and threw the rest of the bar in. Im normally really frugal with bubble bars, but this was just so small, it hardly seemed worth saving half.

The water turns a lovely delicate, opaque pink, smells like it full of sweets and leaves your skin feeling amazingly moisturised. You can almost feel the moisturiser in the water, its melty and so, so yummy :)

Would i purchase this again? Probably. It's left my skin feeling very, very soft and the scent is pretty much irresistible.


Sunday, November 1

This week i have..

- Purchased new boots from ebay, but they aren't here yet.
- Avoided homework like the plague.
- Read way too many blogs, and found some new ones.
- Done my first sewing project, a tote bag.

What have you done this week?

Wednesday, October 28

Quite a productive day today.

So i went shopping today, though i was bit tired and grumpy. I got some fabric so i am going to think of what to do with it later :) maybe a bag, not sure.

I got some lush goodies and got to look at the christmas products. I bought Star Melt, Ma Bar and Oatifix face mask. Can't wait to use them and hopefully they will give me the lift i need :)

Going to have a busy day tomorrow, which is good i think.

Also dying my hair tonight, finally, havent done it since july and its a mess. Im growing it out though, i want long thick hair and when i do want a change, ill have more options if i dont have short layers etc.

off to do things

Tuesday, October 27

I have been kinda lazy.

and kinda don't like to update this blog because i feel like no one is reading it :P
But i do have valid excuses like i have been really busy with college, this year is a lot harder than last.

It's half term and theres a few things i want to get done before i got back to college. Lately, i have been wanting to make things and sew. So thats what i am going to do. I am going shopping tomorrow and im going to pick up some fabric and make a tote bag. They seem super easy to make, and i do love bags a lot. I refuse to let myself be indecisive about the fabric too. Last time i went to that shop i left with nothing, which happens too often.

I also plan to go to lush tomorrow, i want to try out the oatifix fresh face mask and see if they have the christmas stuff in store.

I have a driving lesson this week too. My third one. I think i am doing okay, but i keep forgetting things, and losing concentration.

I also have to get my homework done. Snore. I can't wait to finish college and get a job


Tuesday, August 25

Products I'm Using

I felt like doing a post and after seeing this on 3 other blogs, why not?!

Shampoo & Conditioner: TIGI bed head superstar. Great for coloured hair and smells lovely.

Shower Gel: uhm, does LUSH's whoosh shower jelly count? it's all i have been using lately

Styling products: Bed head after party, v05 heat protection spray.

Body moisturiser: Buffy!!

Deodorant: Dove

Fake Tan: I don't use it!

Skincare: I have been using a bit of everything lately lol

Primer: None

Foundation: Gosh exceptional wear? i cant remember the exact name! oops.

Foundation brush: either my gosh duo fiber brush or my fingers!

Concealer: I don't use concealer much, i cant never get it to stay :(

Powder: Rimmel stay matte

Blusher: Smashbox

Bronzer: Smashbox again! the softlights starburst i think it's called. Gives a lovely glowy sheen :)

Highlighter: Sometimes use the other half of my smashbox blusher, not always.

Eyeshadow base: Too faced shadow insurance.

Eyeshadows: Anything i feel like really!

Eyeliner: urban decay 24/7 liner in zero

Curler: Don't use one.

Mascara: Still using maybelline lash stiletto! I need a new mascara badlyyy

Lipstick: Don't really use lipstick much!

Lipgloss: Don't really use lipgloss to often either! I'm addicted to lipbalm and need to apply that a lot

Nail Colour: Currently sporting Barry M's cobalt blue! Very, very nice blue! :)

Thursday, August 20


New blog layout
ty becca ;D

Wednesday, August 19

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago..

and i spent too much money in LUSH. haha.
I wanted to wait until i did this post as i seem to post about lush a lot and i dont want this to be just a lush blog.

On to my purchases...

I wanted to go to LUSH because i hadn't had any porridge soap in a couple of weeks as i ran out and i really wanted some more. I really can't recommend the stuff enough. It's just so lovely.
Also i was running out of angels on bare skin and wanted to switch up my cleanser.

Here is what i came away with..

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Working clockwise L-R.. Porridge soap, tea tree water toner, cosmetic warrior facemask, ice blue soap, grease lightning, sugar babe, fresh farmacy cleanser, whoosh shower jelly.

My thoughts:

Porridge Soap - Love, love, love this stuff! Makes my skin soft and moisturised and smells sooo good. I need a life time supply.

Tea tree water
- I got this because i was running out of my other one, but since buying it, i have been using it less and less and i'm now feeling i dont need it. I normally use it before and after using a face mask. It's nice to have but i don't feel like i need it.

Cosmetic warrior face mask
- I have written about this before here.

Ice blue soap - I have been wanting to try this for a while, i love the fresh, minty wake you up smells and this is one of them, but it's not too strong. I didn't know what to expect from this, it isn't fantastic, it's not rubbish, so in between there i guess haha. Wouldn't buy it again but it is pleasant to use.

Grease Lightning
- So this wasn't much purchase, my sister got it and i have been using it. A lot. haha. It's a spot treatment and it's not half bad. I wasn't expecting much because i haven't had great results with any spot treatments in the past, but it does help to keep spots at bay by drying them up a bit, but it doesn't work miracles.

Sugar Babe
- This was free. The £20 deal or something. Spend £20 and get a choice of one of the new products. Though im sure this isnt that new, they did have a couple of new soaps in which i didn't like the smell (one was like coffee and one was like salad) so i randomly picked this. I haven't used it yet, though i took it out the bag to smell it and it crumbled everywhere, im not sure how many uses i will get out of it, i will report back :)

Fresh Farmacy
- I have written about this a bit before (here) and i'm pretty sure the formula has changed. It is much more drying then i remember, and though it does help with spots a bit, it's not great for areas of skin that aren't affected. Would only recommend to use this a few times a week, or if you have very oily skin.

and lastly....

Whoosh shower jelly
- Love this stuff, really wakes me up when i feel ill or just a bit rubbish. Very refreshing, not drying though not moisturising either, it is great to use in the mornings.

I am going to try and do less lush posts and post about other stuff now! Promise :)


Saturday, August 15


For a very long, well since around last summer time, i had been wanting to try to make my own jewellery. So a year later.. I finally grab some findings and beads and got started :)

I haven't made much, but i have lots of ideas that i still need to put together.

Here is the first charm bracelet i made. It's not fantastic, i know, but it's sturdy as nothing has fallen off.. yet haha.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Here is a necklace i made, at first i had a chain on it but then i changed it to ribbon because i thought it would be cute and im still not sure what i am going to do with it, i'll come up with something

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Here is a longer necklace i made. I thought the green heart pendant was cute and it inspired me to do something cluster like. Sorry for the tiny picture, i couldn't seem to get a good shot.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Last thing i am going to show you is this ring. It's made from a paper clip and a piece of ribbon. I saw a tutorial on a blog but i can't remember which :( I intended for it to be a bit smaller and i am going to put a cute charm or button in the centre. Just haven't got around too it yet :P typical.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

I want to make some more now just typing about it.
Also i got this book from amazon.co.uk the other day.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

108 ways to transform a t-shirt!
It shows you how to transform tshirt's into cute top's, skirt's, bag's, accessories and even has a diy wedding dress!
I'm excited, I can't wait to try some of these ideas, especially the bag ideas, they are so cute!


Monday, August 10

Monday Poll

I saw this poll on romanticdreaming.blogspot.com and i thought it was cute and different and decided to do it myself!

Mood: Not sure. haha. I feel quite relaxed today, which is complete change to the last few weeks. I was having serious mood swings.

First words out of my mouth this morning: Good morning to my mum i think

What I’m looking forward to this week: Seeing friends, first party i have been to in a long time, going to west field's for the first time!

One thing I’d like to improve about myself: Get rid of my ridiculous mood swings!

On my makeup lust list: I really want the urban decay get baked palette, i've been eyeing it up for a few months now and the mac 217, everyone raves about it and i haven't tried mac before!

What i ate: Cheerio's, biscuits, fruit flakes (yumyum), a pie i made myself (go me!) and rice pudding with grated chocolate

Cheeks: Nothing, i didn't go out today and i'm trying to be good to my skin :)

Lips: Palmer's cocoa butter moisturizing lip balm, i'm addicted to lip balm.

Outfit: blue & black polka dotted vest and pj bottoms haha i had a rather lazy, boring day.

Fragrance: n/a

Weekly goals: Try not to be shy like i usually am at parties :( and don't make any impulse buys

Sunday, August 9

Barry M Nail Paint: Pinks!

I went shopping the other day, and one of the things i picked up was the newest Barry M nail paint in pink flamingo.
It was sort of an impulse purchase, i went into superdrug to find the eyeko nail polishes but they didn't have them. When i got home, i realised that i now have 4 of the barry m pink colours. So no more pinks for me.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

L-R; Bright pink, pink flamingo, shocking pink, fuchsia.

Bright pink - This is a very pretty colour a light but bold pink.

Pink flamingo - I thought this was going to be paler than it is, it is actually very bright, in my opinion, it is sort of a pinky-peachy-coral colour. I really like it.

Shocking pink
- One of the first barry m nail paints i tried, i love this colour. It is very bright colour but it is surprisingly wearable.

Fuchsia - This was only brought out a few months ago, again, i think it was an impulse purchase. It is quite similar to shocking pink, but is slightly more purple.

Here is pink flamingo on my nails. Sorry for the slightly blurry picture. I wouldn't say this is a great shot of the colour, i couldn't get a decent one :( but it does tend to look different in all lights, so take it for what it's worth.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

I will do more nail post's in the future, i have a decent amount of colours to share with you :)


Tuesday, August 4

Lush Love.

I am quite the fan of LUSH, though i haven't tried many of their products, i have tried quite a few and decided to share my thought's with you of a few LUSH goodies.

The first time I tried LUSH was when I got one of the gift boxes from a friend for my birthday. I remember that it was the rockstar gift but don't remember using it haha, it was a good 3 years ago though.

Fresh Farmacy.

This was the first face cleanser that i tried from LUSH. I remember reading about it being good for acne or something like that about a year ago. So i tried it. They have changed it a bit now, it use to just be a pink block that had hay or something on top.. it was quite annoying. I remember that it worked well for my skin but after i finished the bar of it i had, i didn't replace it for reasons i can't remember. I tried it again a few months ago and it didn't work as well as i remembered but this could be due to the change in formula.
It's very good for acne and calming the red and reducing redness due to the calamine and chamomile. The only problem with it is it can be very drying so it is probably better if you have skin that is more so on the oiler side.

Angel's on bare skin.

This is the cleanser that i am using at the moment. This is an all round cleasner that is specified by LUSH to be better for a certain skin type. I would describe this as a very messy and very mild exfoliator. The reason it is so messy is because it is very crumbly. To use, pinch a piece of the cleanser off, only like a pea size - a little goes a long way, and mix with water. It becomes sort of like a paste but always has little chunks in it. I really can't rate this very highly, it really hasn't done much for my skin. It does make my skin feel clean but i can get the same results with cleansers that take less effort to use and are less messy.

Whoosh Shower Jelly.

I really loved this stuff :) It smells absolutely lovely. It's a really wake you up and get going smell so great for use in the morning when you need a pick up. Only a small amount of the jelly crushed into a shower loofah makes a huge lather which is good for me and those who associate lots of lather with feeling more clean. Im going to try the other shower jellies soon! :)

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.

A very sweet smelling soap, and i think this is the reason this sells so well, because the smell is really the only good thing about it. It doesn't lather very well and doesn't do anything special like make my skin feel moisturised. Probably wouldn't purchase this again.

Porridge Soap.

Yum yum yum. I love this soap. It smells great, though i haven't been able to pin point what it smells like.. It is really moisturising and a little bit exfoliating because it is filled with oats. It's like an all in one cleanser-exfoliates-moisturiser in my opinion and i recommend everyone tries it :)

These aren't all the products i wanted to write about but this post was getting longer than i wanted!
i will do more lush post's though


Sunday, July 26

Face Masks.

Lately i have trying to clear my skin up. Unfortunately i don't have good skin genes and after years of just trying to cover it up with make-up, i decided that i want to be able to leave the house without make-up on and still feel comfortable in own my skin.

I decided to try Cosmetic Warrior bio-fresh face mask from LUSH after a friend recommended it to me. I had previously tried love lettuce and wasn't impressed with it at all. Cosmetic Warrior is described by lush as "A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt and calm and soothe all troubled skins." and I agree it does just that.

It contains garlic, tea tree, honey, kaolin, grapes and free range egg, which is a really strange mixture and probably puts some people off and, but personally i think if it works, i don't care what is in it.

When i first smelt Cosmetic Warrior it smelt like tea tree and i didn't think it would be too bad on my face. I was wrong. The tea tree is oil and had separated from the mixture I'm guessing because when i first put it on my face it smelt horrible, the other ingredients overpowered the tea tree. But i have used this mask about 6 times now and the smell really doesn't bother me at all, actually i hardly notice it.

I recommended that anyone who has troublesome skin and wants to clear it up tries this mask. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and calm and i have also noticed a difference in my breakouts after only a couple of uses. I have read on the livejournal lush forum before that it is best to use face mask two or three times a week. I personally can get away with using cosmetic warrior more than that because it's not super exfoliating or oil stripping!

I think i paid £4.95 for my mask and i have noticed that they are more expensive to buy on the lush website, but if you cannot get to a lush store, that is also an option, if you are in the UK.

Another option, which i will be trying out once my LUSH face mask goes bad, or i run out, is honey.
I saw a video on honey face mask on youtube a long time ago but really thought nothing of it, as my mind set was "nothing will ever work". Then not too long ago i saw a blog post about honey (here) and decided to give it a shot. I tried this a couple of times, so can't really go into much detail about it but it was defiantly soothing on the skin. When i do try this out more, i may post more about it :)


Saturday, July 4


Hi! This post is just a test :)
..and i feel as if though i am talking to no one haha

Well, To make this post worth it, I might as well tell you a bit about myself.
So, I'm Sarah. I have been wanting to start blogging for months and months, because i read blogs myself and it looks like fun! But i am the kind of person who always puts things of until tomorrow. I want to start dropping that habit and so I'm posting this. It's a start right?

Feel free to leave comments and i will post something a bit more interesting soon haha :)