Monday, August 10

Monday Poll

I saw this poll on and i thought it was cute and different and decided to do it myself!

Mood: Not sure. haha. I feel quite relaxed today, which is complete change to the last few weeks. I was having serious mood swings.

First words out of my mouth this morning: Good morning to my mum i think

What I’m looking forward to this week: Seeing friends, first party i have been to in a long time, going to west field's for the first time!

One thing I’d like to improve about myself: Get rid of my ridiculous mood swings!

On my makeup lust list: I really want the urban decay get baked palette, i've been eyeing it up for a few months now and the mac 217, everyone raves about it and i haven't tried mac before!

What i ate: Cheerio's, biscuits, fruit flakes (yumyum), a pie i made myself (go me!) and rice pudding with grated chocolate

Cheeks: Nothing, i didn't go out today and i'm trying to be good to my skin :)

Lips: Palmer's cocoa butter moisturizing lip balm, i'm addicted to lip balm.

Outfit: blue & black polka dotted vest and pj bottoms haha i had a rather lazy, boring day.

Fragrance: n/a

Weekly goals: Try not to be shy like i usually am at parties :( and don't make any impulse buys

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