Thursday, February 25

What do you want to see?

So, my original plan for this blog was beauty related stuff, but I feel like its all over the place now. Not that I don't want to post about beauty but everyone and there mother is doing that now and I what I have to offer is nothing special I guess?

I think I am going to keep doing Things I Love Thursday (see below post) Because i enjoyed writing that! And I will try to get beauty related posts up. I know this is my blog and I will write what I want to write about, but I am writing with the idea that people are, maybe, hopefully reading this! So what do you want to see? What posts do you enjoy reading?

There is something in the post for me, or should be in the post for me soon! And i will definetly be reviewing that! I am so excited for it!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! :)


Things I Love..

Being inspired by Gala, here is my 'Things i Love Thursday'

Ordering Urban Decays new Alice in Wonderland palette!; Trying out new recipes; Having all my coursework done even though the deadline has been extended; Finding lots of time to read; Getting psyched up for the new Alice in wonderland!!; My new shelf for my room (I sometimes wonder if I am the only person who gets excited about new furniture; Rediscovering my love for cinema; Seeing Avatar! I don't know why i waited for so long!; Simple pleasures like chocolate; Starting to drive again (and trying my best not to get nervous about it this time)& falling to sleep to the sound of rain

What are you loving this week?


Friday, February 5

In and Out!

Sorry no blog post for a while but feel like doing one now..
In and Out's for the past few weeks shall we say? (As i am rubbish at posting regularly!)
Sorry it's not much beauty related.


Getting exams over and done with and nearly getting past all coursework and essay deadlines! Feels like a weight off my shoulders.

Opi's Alice in Wonderland collection! I am in love. I think i might do a review, even though loads of people have, I just love the colours so much!
I am currently sporting Barry M navy blue colour with Opi's Mad as a Hatter over the top! Beautiful!

My new favourite CD is LIGHTS! The Listening. I suggest everyone goes and checks out her music on myspace or something, i love it, it's so calming yet upbeat :)

Radical Self Love!! (HERE)


Cold weather :( It is just getting on my nerves now and i never usually mind winter much.

Finding out exactly how limited Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland palette is going to be.. 2000 is not enough to go around.

Tanning.. After watching The Truth About Tanning on BBC's iPlayer i'm staying away from sun as much as possible! Go watch it, its very good!