Monday, August 30

02. Sunday Summary (A Day Late..)

Oops, was quite busy yesterday and completely forgot to do this until I was too tired last night.

Anyway, hopefully this week will be a good one! I'm still on a job hunt. A lot of temporary jobs are coming up now for Christmas, but I really want something more permanent! I'm beginning to lose track of where I have applied for.

One of the main reasons I want a job so badly is because I want to start saving for a car! I'm thinking a Corsa but I haven't decided yet! At the moment I am sharing with my sister, it'd be nice to have my own ASAP. The car I really want is a Renault Clio, but I won't be able to afford it for a while. Do you have a car? If so, What do you have? If you don't, whats your dream car? :)

Laters! xo

Monday, August 23

Sunday, August 22

01. Sunday Summary

I really want to do a weekly post on general things so there is some sort of consistency with my blog. So, I introduce you to Sunday Summary! Just gathering all of the weeks happenings and squashing it into a little post. Sound good? I hope so.

First up, Hello followers! How are you? :)

This week was fairly busy. I have been going into town a lot looking for a job. I'm really not having much luck, but I got to keep looking!  I had an unsuccessful group interview at The Body Shop, but I have a group assessment in a few weeks at John Lewis for a Christmas temp job. I'm still looking for something more permanent though.

My hair is getting long, but I'm not very happy with how dry it is feeling and I can't decided whether to cut or keep it! Help me decide?! 

I am pretty happy with my results! I really was expecting to fail english but I passed with a C! I also got a C in psychology and I got a B in photography. So I'm happy with that!
If you got results, how did you do?


Tuesday, August 17

Barbie Nails

This is what I wore on my nails last week, I absolutley loved it and I wish I had more sheer, shimmery colours so that I could create pretty combinations like this!

This is Barry M's bright pink, which I originally hated, but like it now! With Urban Decay's Love Light from the summer collection on top.

L: Urban Decay Love Light, R: Barry M Bright Pink

Sorry for the not-so fantastic light! Can you believe I studied photography?! I seriously need to work on it!

What are your favourite nail combo's?! Leave some recommendations in the comments :)

Have a good week! xo

Sunday, August 8

Yaby Freestyle Palette

As you may know from previous posts, I have acquired a few Stila eyeshadows. They come as pans unless you buy the pot, and this can be a little annoying, having to open and close a flimsy plastic case every time I wanted to use it, so I decided to buy a palette.
I didn't fancy one of Stila's palettes as they don't hold very many. So I got the Yaby Freestyle Palette. 

  • It's sturdy, with a good clip shut.
  • The magnet is very strong!
  • It can fit any eyeshadow, blush etc.

  • The white looks good, but it is becoming dirty very quickly.
  • The mirror is warped :( so no good to use to apply make up. (Although it would be used as a palette for mixing)

I really do like this palette! I love being organised and it is easy to be with a palette. I really tempted to depot my alice in wonderland palette now. I can't wait to try Yaby eyeshadows either, that will definetly be buying some soon :) You can get Yaby in the UK from The make up artist boutique, although a lot of things seem to be out of stock :(

What are your favourite palettes? and What Yaby products do you like best?


Saturday, August 7

Oily skin vs Dry skin Products.

I use to have oily skin, but since starting roaccutane, it has completely dried out, as expected. This meant a 360 for my skincare products.

I'll start with facewash. I use to use Nivea clean deeper daily scrub. I really liked this but this would have a similar effect to sandpaper on dry, sensitive skin so I switched it up to L'Oreal's perfect clean for dry/sensitive skin. This is awesome. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry and if I feel the need for a little exfoliation, the scrublet (I think thats what it's called?!) is perfect as it is gently, but it does the job! These are about £5 each depending on where they are bought and both last about 6 weeks.

I wish I could include a toner at this point but I haven't tried that many and I don't use them on a regular basis.

Next moisturiser! A must for anyone whatever skin type you have, there is one for you!
For oilier skin, I always used one of Simple's moisturiser. To me Simple is a no fuss kind of brand which I love, but it was way to light for my dry skin and I wanted one with an SPF so I started using Olay daily sensitive UV fluid. It is really good, the last thing anyone with dry skin wants is dry, sunburnt skin. Not a good combination. If I have a bad day, I mix this with a bit of my night moisturiser or a 1-2 drops of bio-oil.


In order to keep this short, I am going to do a second post for night moisturiser and body products.

What are your favourite skin care products?



Two things.
1) I am a terrible blogger for my lack of updates!
2) I have no excuse for it.

I finished college on the last day of June. July has just gone by so quick, I can't even remember what I did. It is now August and job hunting has been taking up most of my time. I am not going back to college (I don't think) nor am I going to uni, so getting a job is high on my list of priorities. I don't really know what I want to do. I'm thinking of going into retail so I get to work with people as oppose to sitting at a desk or something. I really don't like sitting at desks.

Does anyone have any tips for finding a job?

Tomorrow I want to do a post on the Yaby freestyle palette, so look out for that! I just need some decent light to take pictures for you :)