Monday, August 30

02. Sunday Summary (A Day Late..)

Oops, was quite busy yesterday and completely forgot to do this until I was too tired last night.

Anyway, hopefully this week will be a good one! I'm still on a job hunt. A lot of temporary jobs are coming up now for Christmas, but I really want something more permanent! I'm beginning to lose track of where I have applied for.

One of the main reasons I want a job so badly is because I want to start saving for a car! I'm thinking a Corsa but I haven't decided yet! At the moment I am sharing with my sister, it'd be nice to have my own ASAP. The car I really want is a Renault Clio, but I won't be able to afford it for a while. Do you have a car? If so, What do you have? If you don't, whats your dream car? :)

Laters! xo


  1. Fingers crossed you get fixed up with a job soon. I drive a W reg Micra- def not my dream car! To be honest I'm not sure what would be my dream car, anything new would be amazing though, I wouldn't be fussy!

  2. Yeah i am having no luck on the job front. I would love anything new too, so much easier to drive.