Sunday, August 8

Yaby Freestyle Palette

As you may know from previous posts, I have acquired a few Stila eyeshadows. They come as pans unless you buy the pot, and this can be a little annoying, having to open and close a flimsy plastic case every time I wanted to use it, so I decided to buy a palette.
I didn't fancy one of Stila's palettes as they don't hold very many. So I got the Yaby Freestyle Palette. 

  • It's sturdy, with a good clip shut.
  • The magnet is very strong!
  • It can fit any eyeshadow, blush etc.

  • The white looks good, but it is becoming dirty very quickly.
  • The mirror is warped :( so no good to use to apply make up. (Although it would be used as a palette for mixing)

I really do like this palette! I love being organised and it is easy to be with a palette. I really tempted to depot my alice in wonderland palette now. I can't wait to try Yaby eyeshadows either, that will definetly be buying some soon :) You can get Yaby in the UK from The make up artist boutique, although a lot of things seem to be out of stock :(

What are your favourite palettes? and What Yaby products do you like best?


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