Friday, March 11



Wednesday, November 10

What's up

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I went to see a local firework display and it reminded me of the pictures that I took last year. I was so excited about my new camera. This year I was more interested in just spending time with my friends. Here a couple of 2009 pictures.

Not the best but I was excited about playing with the focus and shutter speed :) I don't take enough pictures anymore. I'm considering doing a 365 project. Has anybody else done this?


Monday, October 25

07. Summary

I don't like promising to do something on a certain day anymore. So my summary's are just going to be summary's not on a specific day.

Today is a very happy day, because today I passed my driving test! I was so shocked to hear I had passed. Not passing last time (because of hitting a curb..) had an effect on me definitely. Every little mistake I made, or thought I made, I was panicking thinking that I had failed. I am so happy! I even went for a drive on my own and I couldn't stop smiling. 

  :) xo

Tuesday, October 12

Hair: Before & After

Firstly, excuse the photobooth pictures, but it's the easiest way to take pictures sometimes. I hadn't had my hair cut in about a year and a half. 

This was my hair in July 2009.

My hair on saturday morning.

My hair on saturday evening.
I'm really not sure what to make of it. It is so difficult to style and my fringe is just unbearable. But it will grow (I always tell myself this to make myself feel better haha) It feels much much healthier, so I guess it was worth it.
What do you think? 

(and yay for a post that isn't a summary haha)

Sunday, October 10

06. Sunday Summary

I'm rubbish at sticking with weekly posts. I think it may be because I haven't had much of a routine, until now that is. I got a job! Finally! It's not the most exciting job. But a job is a job. And I'm sort of still looking something else. I have only been there a week but I feel like I need more than 12 hours already. I'm a bit of a workaholic, if college and school were anything to go by.

I have had my hair cut. Goodbye split ends. Hello annoying cut that I can't deal with. Haha. I got a fringe again and I have no idea how to style it! It doesn't help that it's pretty short. I am planning on doing a before and after post when I can get a decent picture.

I have a busy week ahead. Visiting friends, appointments, work (love that I can say that) but I'm in the mood to post more now so when I get a chance.

Have anything exciting planned this week? Let me know :) xo

Sunday, September 26

05. Sunday Summary

Hello again! Another Sunday summary. Although technically this should be the 5th one, but I really just didn't want to write last week. This week however, I do want to write :)

It is half past 12 on Sunday morning as I write this because I am feeling invincible and therefore I don't need sleep just yet! I have been sat here thinking how I haven't done anything really exciting in a while and I started making a list. A list of things I want to do. Some may call it a bucket list. I won't be calling it that because I don't like that phrase.
Mine is growing rapidly, and full of the simplest things such as 'Picnic' to bigger things such as places and countries I want to visit. 

image from :)

I am going to start this ASAP. May even do one tomorrow, if I'm not busy! And of course I will document it.

So my question to you is, do you have a list like this? Maybe even just a mental list? Let me know!


Saturday, September 11

04. Sunday Summary

Well well well, this week I am actually on time posting this! (even better, I am writing this in advance) this week has gone by pretty quick but I have spent a few days just fretting (is that a word?) about an interview for a full time, xmas temp vacancy at John Lewis. I am not getting my hopes up though because I didn't feel it went fantastically (I got stuck when I had to sell a Tracey Beaker lunch box to my assessor!) I should hopefully know by mid week.

just like this one!

I am getting frustrated with some jobs that I am applying for. I applied for a temp job at Boots a couple of weeks ago and I have not heard anything yet. I can't wait this long! Same for Next! I just need to know so I can apply for more jobs if needs be, although I always am anyway.

I went shopping with my sister and friend yesterday and picked up a few things. My sister kindly bought me a top from Miss Selfridge to cheer me up, so I may do a post on that.

I feel like my blog posts are getting more and more depressing each week! I am so sorry! I will try and post a few more things in between these kind of posts and include more pictures. Pictures are much more appealing to most people than words!

Have a lovely Sunday!