Sunday, September 26

05. Sunday Summary

Hello again! Another Sunday summary. Although technically this should be the 5th one, but I really just didn't want to write last week. This week however, I do want to write :)

It is half past 12 on Sunday morning as I write this because I am feeling invincible and therefore I don't need sleep just yet! I have been sat here thinking how I haven't done anything really exciting in a while and I started making a list. A list of things I want to do. Some may call it a bucket list. I won't be calling it that because I don't like that phrase.
Mine is growing rapidly, and full of the simplest things such as 'Picnic' to bigger things such as places and countries I want to visit. 

image from :)

I am going to start this ASAP. May even do one tomorrow, if I'm not busy! And of course I will document it.

So my question to you is, do you have a list like this? Maybe even just a mental list? Let me know!



  1. I do this all the time :) I am sucha dreamer! Theres so much I want to do. At the moment my thing I want to before the end of this year is go to Paris. And then I have my life plan, i'm a little nerdy when it comes to lists ;) x

  2. I would love to go to Paris too! I have been to disneyland twice, but I'm sure there is much more to see than that :P