Sunday, October 10

06. Sunday Summary

I'm rubbish at sticking with weekly posts. I think it may be because I haven't had much of a routine, until now that is. I got a job! Finally! It's not the most exciting job. But a job is a job. And I'm sort of still looking something else. I have only been there a week but I feel like I need more than 12 hours already. I'm a bit of a workaholic, if college and school were anything to go by.

I have had my hair cut. Goodbye split ends. Hello annoying cut that I can't deal with. Haha. I got a fringe again and I have no idea how to style it! It doesn't help that it's pretty short. I am planning on doing a before and after post when I can get a decent picture.

I have a busy week ahead. Visiting friends, appointments, work (love that I can say that) but I'm in the mood to post more now so when I get a chance.

Have anything exciting planned this week? Let me know :) xo

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