Sunday, September 26

05. Sunday Summary

Hello again! Another Sunday summary. Although technically this should be the 5th one, but I really just didn't want to write last week. This week however, I do want to write :)

It is half past 12 on Sunday morning as I write this because I am feeling invincible and therefore I don't need sleep just yet! I have been sat here thinking how I haven't done anything really exciting in a while and I started making a list. A list of things I want to do. Some may call it a bucket list. I won't be calling it that because I don't like that phrase.
Mine is growing rapidly, and full of the simplest things such as 'Picnic' to bigger things such as places and countries I want to visit. 

image from :)

I am going to start this ASAP. May even do one tomorrow, if I'm not busy! And of course I will document it.

So my question to you is, do you have a list like this? Maybe even just a mental list? Let me know!


Saturday, September 11

04. Sunday Summary

Well well well, this week I am actually on time posting this! (even better, I am writing this in advance) this week has gone by pretty quick but I have spent a few days just fretting (is that a word?) about an interview for a full time, xmas temp vacancy at John Lewis. I am not getting my hopes up though because I didn't feel it went fantastically (I got stuck when I had to sell a Tracey Beaker lunch box to my assessor!) I should hopefully know by mid week.

just like this one!

I am getting frustrated with some jobs that I am applying for. I applied for a temp job at Boots a couple of weeks ago and I have not heard anything yet. I can't wait this long! Same for Next! I just need to know so I can apply for more jobs if needs be, although I always am anyway.

I went shopping with my sister and friend yesterday and picked up a few things. My sister kindly bought me a top from Miss Selfridge to cheer me up, so I may do a post on that.

I feel like my blog posts are getting more and more depressing each week! I am so sorry! I will try and post a few more things in between these kind of posts and include more pictures. Pictures are much more appealing to most people than words!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Shoes Wishlist


I realllyyy love playing with polyvore lately. I love that i can use it to quickly put together sets for this blog!
I get stuck in a rut with shoes. My blowfish boots are just about worn to death and I really need to switch things up a bit more often. These beauty caught my eye whilst browsing the other day.
1. Topshop
2. Miss Selfridge (which i can't find on the website in that colour anymore, unfortunetly )
3. Topshop
4. Miss Selfridge
5. New Look (however, there are some very nice wedges in dorothy perkins that i cannot find a picture of!)

What are you wanting lately? :)

p.s Do you like the layout? I pretty happy with it, so hopefully i will stop changing it!

Monday, September 6

03. Sunday Summary

Sorry it is a day late again.. Another week gone by. Doing these weekly posts really puts into perspective how fast time goes.

This week was good and bad. The bad was i failed my driving test for such a silly reason! By never mind, hopefully i will pass next time. The good was going to visit my friend and spending the day with her. I actually had so much fun!

Still no luck finding a job although there are loads more vacancies at the mo, i guess with people more to uni and that.
I have a job interview at John Lewis on Thursday and I actually have no idea what to wear! I know I need to dress smartly.. but I don't know how to ahaha oh dearr..

For The Body Shop interview I just wore black skinny jeans, a pink t shirt and ankle boots. Everyone there was dressed differently, from jeans and t shirts (like me) to suits.

I'm in the middle of jazzing up the blog layout, so its going to look a bit rubbish for a few days while i sort it out.

Any suggestions for what to wear would be great :) have a lovely week!