Monday, September 6

03. Sunday Summary

Sorry it is a day late again.. Another week gone by. Doing these weekly posts really puts into perspective how fast time goes.

This week was good and bad. The bad was i failed my driving test for such a silly reason! By never mind, hopefully i will pass next time. The good was going to visit my friend and spending the day with her. I actually had so much fun!

Still no luck finding a job although there are loads more vacancies at the mo, i guess with people more to uni and that.
I have a job interview at John Lewis on Thursday and I actually have no idea what to wear! I know I need to dress smartly.. but I don't know how to ahaha oh dearr..

For The Body Shop interview I just wore black skinny jeans, a pink t shirt and ankle boots. Everyone there was dressed differently, from jeans and t shirts (like me) to suits.

I'm in the middle of jazzing up the blog layout, so its going to look a bit rubbish for a few days while i sort it out.

Any suggestions for what to wear would be great :) have a lovely week!


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