Thursday, June 17

Two things you should know about!

The lovely Gem is having a big giveaway on her blog! So check it out here and enter to be in with the chance to win!

Also I spotted that Urban Decay cream shadows were half price on ASOS. Good price in my eyes! I have ordered a couple so i will review them when I get them and have tested them!


Monday, June 14

Life! Exams! Cars!

Usually when exams are coming up, time flies by and I never feel prepared. This time around, exams can’t come soon enough. I have my first one next Monday! I feel like I have been off college for ages (I’m not sure if I am suppose to go in or not..) but I haven’t been in for a lesson since before half term.
I am going to be so happy when these exams are over. Hopefully they will be the last exams I ever take. I have come to realise that this whole studying and exams business is not for me and I am so glad that I didn’t apply for uni. So many people think this is a mistake, but I don’t like the idea of university. It’s not for everyone!

Apart from revising, I have been concentrating loads on my driving. I got my car last week (Tuesday) and I have been out in it nearly everyday. I really want to pass my test before the new driving test comes in in October, which apparently is going to be really difficult, so I am practicing as much as I can. 
Here's a rather rubbish picture. But it's the only one I have!

As far as this blog goes, I will resume when I can. I can’t do much make up at the moment, my skin is feeling rather sorry for it’s self from roaccutane and I just don’t want to make it any worse!

Now I will be going back to revision while the house is still quiet!

Tuesday, June 1

My Wishlist

Don't we all just wish we had endless amount of money to spend on material things! I have been eyeing a few things up lately and decided to share them with you.

First, I was checking out Boots website earlier looking for a liquid eyeliner and I saw that they now sell Pixi Cosmetics which I had seen in Youtube videos and wanted to try, but ASOS is the only place I could find that sells it.

I really want to try the Illuminating Tint and Conceal. Quite pricey, but pretty good reviews on Make Up Alley (my go to before buying products!) I am going to hold off buying this until I have sorted my skin out (which is a long, long process) but i'm getting there :)

I don't really have a liquid liner. I use to but it probably dried out. So Im going to have a look next time i'm out (hopefully sometime this week, i'm so in the shopping mood! can you tell?!) but I think i want a felt/sponge tip liner like the L'Oreal Paris Super Liner!

I saw these Revlon lipglosses when I was in Superdrug yesterday and I really want to try them. I swatched the Coral, it was gorgeous! But trying to be good, I didn't buy it. I also swatched the Lilac shade. Pretty, but not really my thing. Packaging looks something like below, I couldn't find a decent picture though :(

And last thing (even though I could think of plenty more!) are converse light. I have always been a converse kinda person i guess, and the ones i have now are wrecked from work. I want to try converse light because I think they look more delicate (for lack of a better word) I can't decided between the grey and navy though! I definetly don't want black.

So that its, let me know, what's on your wishlist? :)