Monday, June 14

Life! Exams! Cars!

Usually when exams are coming up, time flies by and I never feel prepared. This time around, exams can’t come soon enough. I have my first one next Monday! I feel like I have been off college for ages (I’m not sure if I am suppose to go in or not..) but I haven’t been in for a lesson since before half term.
I am going to be so happy when these exams are over. Hopefully they will be the last exams I ever take. I have come to realise that this whole studying and exams business is not for me and I am so glad that I didn’t apply for uni. So many people think this is a mistake, but I don’t like the idea of university. It’s not for everyone!

Apart from revising, I have been concentrating loads on my driving. I got my car last week (Tuesday) and I have been out in it nearly everyday. I really want to pass my test before the new driving test comes in in October, which apparently is going to be really difficult, so I am practicing as much as I can. 
Here's a rather rubbish picture. But it's the only one I have!

As far as this blog goes, I will resume when I can. I can’t do much make up at the moment, my skin is feeling rather sorry for it’s self from roaccutane and I just don’t want to make it any worse!

Now I will be going back to revision while the house is still quiet!


  1. cool post how long you been learning to drive for? i'm learning to drive aswell got my theory at end of month :S x

  2. I started last September, then took a a break around December and started again in February with a better more reliable instructor lol I have done my theory, its not too bad but good luck with yours :)

  3. oh right cool... i have been learining since november now haha and thanks (fingers crossed) :)