Sunday, August 22

01. Sunday Summary

I really want to do a weekly post on general things so there is some sort of consistency with my blog. So, I introduce you to Sunday Summary! Just gathering all of the weeks happenings and squashing it into a little post. Sound good? I hope so.

First up, Hello followers! How are you? :)

This week was fairly busy. I have been going into town a lot looking for a job. I'm really not having much luck, but I got to keep looking!  I had an unsuccessful group interview at The Body Shop, but I have a group assessment in a few weeks at John Lewis for a Christmas temp job. I'm still looking for something more permanent though.

My hair is getting long, but I'm not very happy with how dry it is feeling and I can't decided whether to cut or keep it! Help me decide?! 

I am pretty happy with my results! I really was expecting to fail english but I passed with a C! I also got a C in psychology and I got a B in photography. So I'm happy with that!
If you got results, how did you do?


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