Saturday, August 7

Oily skin vs Dry skin Products.

I use to have oily skin, but since starting roaccutane, it has completely dried out, as expected. This meant a 360 for my skincare products.

I'll start with facewash. I use to use Nivea clean deeper daily scrub. I really liked this but this would have a similar effect to sandpaper on dry, sensitive skin so I switched it up to L'Oreal's perfect clean for dry/sensitive skin. This is awesome. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry and if I feel the need for a little exfoliation, the scrublet (I think thats what it's called?!) is perfect as it is gently, but it does the job! These are about £5 each depending on where they are bought and both last about 6 weeks.

I wish I could include a toner at this point but I haven't tried that many and I don't use them on a regular basis.

Next moisturiser! A must for anyone whatever skin type you have, there is one for you!
For oilier skin, I always used one of Simple's moisturiser. To me Simple is a no fuss kind of brand which I love, but it was way to light for my dry skin and I wanted one with an SPF so I started using Olay daily sensitive UV fluid. It is really good, the last thing anyone with dry skin wants is dry, sunburnt skin. Not a good combination. If I have a bad day, I mix this with a bit of my night moisturiser or a 1-2 drops of bio-oil.


In order to keep this short, I am going to do a second post for night moisturiser and body products.

What are your favourite skin care products?


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