Sunday, August 9

Barry M Nail Paint: Pinks!

I went shopping the other day, and one of the things i picked up was the newest Barry M nail paint in pink flamingo.
It was sort of an impulse purchase, i went into superdrug to find the eyeko nail polishes but they didn't have them. When i got home, i realised that i now have 4 of the barry m pink colours. So no more pinks for me.

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L-R; Bright pink, pink flamingo, shocking pink, fuchsia.

Bright pink - This is a very pretty colour a light but bold pink.

Pink flamingo - I thought this was going to be paler than it is, it is actually very bright, in my opinion, it is sort of a pinky-peachy-coral colour. I really like it.

Shocking pink
- One of the first barry m nail paints i tried, i love this colour. It is very bright colour but it is surprisingly wearable.

Fuchsia - This was only brought out a few months ago, again, i think it was an impulse purchase. It is quite similar to shocking pink, but is slightly more purple.

Here is pink flamingo on my nails. Sorry for the slightly blurry picture. I wouldn't say this is a great shot of the colour, i couldn't get a decent one :( but it does tend to look different in all lights, so take it for what it's worth.

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I will do more nail post's in the future, i have a decent amount of colours to share with you :)


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