Saturday, August 15


For a very long, well since around last summer time, i had been wanting to try to make my own jewellery. So a year later.. I finally grab some findings and beads and got started :)

I haven't made much, but i have lots of ideas that i still need to put together.

Here is the first charm bracelet i made. It's not fantastic, i know, but it's sturdy as nothing has fallen off.. yet haha.

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Here is a necklace i made, at first i had a chain on it but then i changed it to ribbon because i thought it would be cute and im still not sure what i am going to do with it, i'll come up with something

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Here is a longer necklace i made. I thought the green heart pendant was cute and it inspired me to do something cluster like. Sorry for the tiny picture, i couldn't seem to get a good shot.

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Last thing i am going to show you is this ring. It's made from a paper clip and a piece of ribbon. I saw a tutorial on a blog but i can't remember which :( I intended for it to be a bit smaller and i am going to put a cute charm or button in the centre. Just haven't got around too it yet :P typical.

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I want to make some more now just typing about it.
Also i got this book from the other day.

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108 ways to transform a t-shirt!
It shows you how to transform tshirt's into cute top's, skirt's, bag's, accessories and even has a diy wedding dress!
I'm excited, I can't wait to try some of these ideas, especially the bag ideas, they are so cute!


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