Tuesday, August 4

Lush Love.

I am quite the fan of LUSH, though i haven't tried many of their products, i have tried quite a few and decided to share my thought's with you of a few LUSH goodies.

The first time I tried LUSH was when I got one of the gift boxes from a friend for my birthday. I remember that it was the rockstar gift but don't remember using it haha, it was a good 3 years ago though.

Fresh Farmacy.

This was the first face cleanser that i tried from LUSH. I remember reading about it being good for acne or something like that about a year ago. So i tried it. They have changed it a bit now, it use to just be a pink block that had hay or something on top.. it was quite annoying. I remember that it worked well for my skin but after i finished the bar of it i had, i didn't replace it for reasons i can't remember. I tried it again a few months ago and it didn't work as well as i remembered but this could be due to the change in formula.
It's very good for acne and calming the red and reducing redness due to the calamine and chamomile. The only problem with it is it can be very drying so it is probably better if you have skin that is more so on the oiler side.

Angel's on bare skin.

This is the cleanser that i am using at the moment. This is an all round cleasner that is specified by LUSH to be better for a certain skin type. I would describe this as a very messy and very mild exfoliator. The reason it is so messy is because it is very crumbly. To use, pinch a piece of the cleanser off, only like a pea size - a little goes a long way, and mix with water. It becomes sort of like a paste but always has little chunks in it. I really can't rate this very highly, it really hasn't done much for my skin. It does make my skin feel clean but i can get the same results with cleansers that take less effort to use and are less messy.

Whoosh Shower Jelly.

I really loved this stuff :) It smells absolutely lovely. It's a really wake you up and get going smell so great for use in the morning when you need a pick up. Only a small amount of the jelly crushed into a shower loofah makes a huge lather which is good for me and those who associate lots of lather with feeling more clean. Im going to try the other shower jellies soon! :)

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.

A very sweet smelling soap, and i think this is the reason this sells so well, because the smell is really the only good thing about it. It doesn't lather very well and doesn't do anything special like make my skin feel moisturised. Probably wouldn't purchase this again.

Porridge Soap.

Yum yum yum. I love this soap. It smells great, though i haven't been able to pin point what it smells like.. It is really moisturising and a little bit exfoliating because it is filled with oats. It's like an all in one cleanser-exfoliates-moisturiser in my opinion and i recommend everyone tries it :)

These aren't all the products i wanted to write about but this post was getting longer than i wanted!
i will do more lush post's though


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