Sunday, July 26

Face Masks.

Lately i have trying to clear my skin up. Unfortunately i don't have good skin genes and after years of just trying to cover it up with make-up, i decided that i want to be able to leave the house without make-up on and still feel comfortable in own my skin.

I decided to try Cosmetic Warrior bio-fresh face mask from LUSH after a friend recommended it to me. I had previously tried love lettuce and wasn't impressed with it at all. Cosmetic Warrior is described by lush as "A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt and calm and soothe all troubled skins." and I agree it does just that.

It contains garlic, tea tree, honey, kaolin, grapes and free range egg, which is a really strange mixture and probably puts some people off and, but personally i think if it works, i don't care what is in it.

When i first smelt Cosmetic Warrior it smelt like tea tree and i didn't think it would be too bad on my face. I was wrong. The tea tree is oil and had separated from the mixture I'm guessing because when i first put it on my face it smelt horrible, the other ingredients overpowered the tea tree. But i have used this mask about 6 times now and the smell really doesn't bother me at all, actually i hardly notice it.

I recommended that anyone who has troublesome skin and wants to clear it up tries this mask. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and calm and i have also noticed a difference in my breakouts after only a couple of uses. I have read on the livejournal lush forum before that it is best to use face mask two or three times a week. I personally can get away with using cosmetic warrior more than that because it's not super exfoliating or oil stripping!

I think i paid £4.95 for my mask and i have noticed that they are more expensive to buy on the lush website, but if you cannot get to a lush store, that is also an option, if you are in the UK.

Another option, which i will be trying out once my LUSH face mask goes bad, or i run out, is honey.
I saw a video on honey face mask on youtube a long time ago but really thought nothing of it, as my mind set was "nothing will ever work". Then not too long ago i saw a blog post about honey (here) and decided to give it a shot. I tried this a couple of times, so can't really go into much detail about it but it was defiantly soothing on the skin. When i do try this out more, i may post more about it :)


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