Wednesday, August 19

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago..

and i spent too much money in LUSH. haha.
I wanted to wait until i did this post as i seem to post about lush a lot and i dont want this to be just a lush blog.

On to my purchases...

I wanted to go to LUSH because i hadn't had any porridge soap in a couple of weeks as i ran out and i really wanted some more. I really can't recommend the stuff enough. It's just so lovely.
Also i was running out of angels on bare skin and wanted to switch up my cleanser.

Here is what i came away with..

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Working clockwise L-R.. Porridge soap, tea tree water toner, cosmetic warrior facemask, ice blue soap, grease lightning, sugar babe, fresh farmacy cleanser, whoosh shower jelly.

My thoughts:

Porridge Soap - Love, love, love this stuff! Makes my skin soft and moisturised and smells sooo good. I need a life time supply.

Tea tree water
- I got this because i was running out of my other one, but since buying it, i have been using it less and less and i'm now feeling i dont need it. I normally use it before and after using a face mask. It's nice to have but i don't feel like i need it.

Cosmetic warrior face mask
- I have written about this before here.

Ice blue soap - I have been wanting to try this for a while, i love the fresh, minty wake you up smells and this is one of them, but it's not too strong. I didn't know what to expect from this, it isn't fantastic, it's not rubbish, so in between there i guess haha. Wouldn't buy it again but it is pleasant to use.

Grease Lightning
- So this wasn't much purchase, my sister got it and i have been using it. A lot. haha. It's a spot treatment and it's not half bad. I wasn't expecting much because i haven't had great results with any spot treatments in the past, but it does help to keep spots at bay by drying them up a bit, but it doesn't work miracles.

Sugar Babe
- This was free. The £20 deal or something. Spend £20 and get a choice of one of the new products. Though im sure this isnt that new, they did have a couple of new soaps in which i didn't like the smell (one was like coffee and one was like salad) so i randomly picked this. I haven't used it yet, though i took it out the bag to smell it and it crumbled everywhere, im not sure how many uses i will get out of it, i will report back :)

Fresh Farmacy
- I have written about this a bit before (here) and i'm pretty sure the formula has changed. It is much more drying then i remember, and though it does help with spots a bit, it's not great for areas of skin that aren't affected. Would only recommend to use this a few times a week, or if you have very oily skin.

and lastly....

Whoosh shower jelly
- Love this stuff, really wakes me up when i feel ill or just a bit rubbish. Very refreshing, not drying though not moisturising either, it is great to use in the mornings.

I am going to try and do less lush posts and post about other stuff now! Promise :)


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