Tuesday, October 27

I have been kinda lazy.

and kinda don't like to update this blog because i feel like no one is reading it :P
But i do have valid excuses like i have been really busy with college, this year is a lot harder than last.

It's half term and theres a few things i want to get done before i got back to college. Lately, i have been wanting to make things and sew. So thats what i am going to do. I am going shopping tomorrow and im going to pick up some fabric and make a tote bag. They seem super easy to make, and i do love bags a lot. I refuse to let myself be indecisive about the fabric too. Last time i went to that shop i left with nothing, which happens too often.

I also plan to go to lush tomorrow, i want to try out the oatifix fresh face mask and see if they have the christmas stuff in store.

I have a driving lesson this week too. My third one. I think i am doing okay, but i keep forgetting things, and losing concentration.

I also have to get my homework done. Snore. I can't wait to finish college and get a job


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