Wednesday, May 26

Make up Storage

Leanne over at Do Not Refreeze posted her make up and nail polish storage and i felt like joining in the fun! I love seeing others storage and collection, so here i am sharing my organised mess!

Luckily, I am able to keep my make up and nail stuff in a couple of draws. I used to have an ikea draw thing, which is a popular way of keeping orangised, but i just got annoyed with it after a couple of months. I reused the draws from the ikea set, to put inside the draws i used now. And i'll show you what i did with the main part of it at the end of the post :)

I sit here, just behind my bedroom door every morning to get ready. Not the best lighting but my vanity mirror lights up!

On the top I have my vanity mirror, brushes, a small pot for hair bands and pins, my small jar of brushes, hair stuff and daily moisturisers, perfume, hair brushes and my alice in wonderland palette.

In my the top draw I keep most of my make up. For left to right, lips stick/balm/gloss, eye stuff in the next, eyeshadow, foundation, eye lash curlers and foundation in the third, in the pink chocolate box is face stuff (concealers, blushes, highlights etc) and finally standing in the side is palettes. 

Then in the draw underneath I keep miscellaneous things with my nail polish.  On the left there is a couple of hair curlers, pocket tissues, a small box with bows and other hair clips, under that is a box of sea salt.. yep.. its for cleaning piercings :P

And this is what i did with the base of the ikea draw set.

It fits at the side of my desk perfect to hold my college folders!

So that is it! My humble collection of goodies :) Please link me to your posts or leave a comment telling me how you organise yours :) xx

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